You know your university is a liberal cesspool when there are signs out that say, “Hate has no home in our town,” but that’s not true in regards to opinions.

Around campus for a while now, I’ve been seeing signs that say “Hate has no home in our town”. I actually beg to differ. My college town votes heavily liberally, and in general, most (though not all) liberals haven’t been very accommodating of other people’s opposite political opinions. Hate doesn’t just encompass reasons surrounding physical characteristics; it also encompasses personal thoughts and opinions. Therefore, given that my college town is mostly liberal, and the general liberal (at least as portrayed by the media) is not very tolerant of other people’s opinions despite preaching the virtue of tolerance, the message of this sign is false and won’t be true until differing political opinions are taken into account.

March for Life = March for Women

I meant to forward this article during the March for Life, but I forgot. In any case, you cannot claim to be for women when you support a process that discriminated against any section of women. Enjoy!

Why should the Left and Islam stand together anyways?

I saw this on the NZ Conservative Coalition. Reading this article, if you didn’t know already, it is illuminated that it is hypocritical of the Left to stand with Islam if they really stick to their core beliefs but why the do anyways. Enjoy!

The unholy alliance between the left and Islam — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media