I’ve never heard the potential benefits of tariffs put this way before.

For the longest time, I could never understand whether free trade or tariffs was a better idea, but the other day, I saw this post on the Aussie Nationalist blog, and it makes some convincing arguments. Two of my favorite arguments and what I think are some of the most convincing arguments were the idea that tariffs would allow us to do away with taxes on domestic goods and that if foreign goods are taxed but domestic ones are not, it’d encourage foreign companies to move manufacturing back here (so more jobs!). Honestly, giving our current policy of free trade for the past few decades and the fact that we have trade deficits with several large countries, I think it’s worth a try. Anyways, take a look at this Aussie Nationalist post to get the full details on why this may be a good idea for America.


More gun control isn’t the answer.

I keep hearing about all this March for Our Lives stuff everywhere and kids walking out of school to protest what happened in Parkland. I think everyone recognizes that there’s a problem, but I don’t think more gun control is the solution. From what I have read, there were plenty of people around the shooter who knew there was a problem but didn’t do anything to actually solve it, so obviously, part of the solution means making it easier to get help before an event like Parkland happens. Additionally, I think you have to equip teachers  at schools somehow to defend their students. The wife of one of my cousins is an elementary school teacher herself, and when my dad and I visited her over spring break, she talked about how parts of the school lock down procedures leave them like sitting ducks. When we talked about the idea of arming teachers with guns, she pointed out that there are  enough psychotic children in schools that if they got their hands on such a gun, the situation could easily turn bad, making guns deadly impractical. As such, I believe that we need to find a way to help teachers defend their kids in dangerous situations such as Parkland with minimal risk in case kids such as those mentioned above get ahold of this method of defense.

Catholics can’t be Democrats anymore.

One of my friends shared this article on Facebook written by the esteemed Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a Catholic leader my family and I respect. What I like about this article is that it points out why I can’t ever be a Democrat, unlike I’m sure my ancestors on my mom’s side of the family were. I know at least more than one of my Irish Catholic family members were Democrats in the past, but some, like my grandmother, have felt alienated from the Democrats and decided to switch parties. In my opinion, I can’t be a part of a party that would alienate someone even if they disagreed with one thing on their party platform (remember the DNC Chairman’s remark about pro-life candidates?), so I guess that’s part of the reason I never considered being a Democrat. Of course, I disagree with a lot of policies of the Democrats, but I do really think that Republicans and traditional conservative ideas (such as those promoted on this blog) really align more with most of the Church’s teachings anyways. Honestly, with the way the Democrats are alienating people like they are my fellow Catholics on pro-life, LGBTQ, and other issues, I honestly wonder when this whole identity politics thing will come to bite them in the rear.