I’d love to see this chick walk down the streets of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

I saw this on the NZ Conservative Coalition, and I couldn’t help but laugh. This woman must be blind of something to have thought that a Norwegian flag looked like a Confederate flag. The cross of the Norwegian flag aren’t oriented in the same way as on the Confederate flag nor does it have stars on it. I also honestly doubt that anyone in Washington state would fly a Confederate flag because of how liberal the state is. What I’d really love is to have this woman walk down the streets of Stoughton, Wisconsin, which is in Dane County (the same county as Madison, Wisconsin, which is uber liberal…they voted about 70% for Hillary). The people of Stoughton are very proud of their Norwegian heritage, and as I’ve seen for myself, they proudly wave the Norwegian flag with the American flag on every street, especially the main street. Would she make the same mistake, especially since this county likes Hillary too much for their own good?

Author “tips” press to a Confederate flag flying in Seattle; turns out to be a Norwegian flag — Fellowship of the Minds

Thought crimes are now real in California.

Another from NZ Conservative Coalition. Reading this article, I became pretty convinced that if I lived in California, I would be tarred and feathered or something (good thing I don’t). Enjoy!

Thought Crime: California prosecutes man for criticizing Islam on Facebook — Fellowship of the Minds

How to Understand Transgender Terminology as a Straight Person

Another from the NZ Conservative Coalition. This wonderful article helps clarify the confusing terminology invented by the LGBTQ terminology to describe people who don’t except biological reality. I certainly was enlightened. Enjoy!


I thought Germany believed in free speech. Apparently not.

I saw this about a month ago on the NZ Conservative Coalition. It’s an article about how Germany created a law to fine social media platforms not combating “hate speech”. As much as a I agree that you should treat others as yourself, hate speech is still technically free speech. People are allowed to think what they will even if it might not be right (i.e. people are welcome to think the Earth is flat even though there’s scientific evidence otherwise). This is an unfortunate step back for democracy in Europe.

Germany can now fine social media sites $60 million for allowing hate speech — FOX News

It warms my heart to see long-lived marriages.

Another from the NZ Conservative Coalition. I’ll admit this right now: I’m a sucker for hearing about long-lived marriages. I mean, my maternal grandparents were married for nearly fifty years before my grandfather’s death, and my parents celebrated their own 29th anniversary this weekend. This article affirms what a lot of the world seems to miss about how to make them workIn a world where it’s not just the people in popular culture who are failing at this unique sacrament, it’s refreshing to hear about people who’ve actually put in the hard work that marriage requires. Enjoy, and congrats to these fantastic couples!

Almost 83 yrs – NZ’s (& Possible World’s) Longest Married Couple — Family First NZ

Who seriously needs a how-to in gender-neutral pronouns?

I saw this on the NZ Conservative Coalition. It’s just dumb to me that we have to have gender-neutral pronouns to refer to specific people. The actual science behind the gender binary aside, it honestly just makes English a whole lot more complicated–and as anyone who’s ever learned English as a foreign language can attest to, English is hard enough to learn as it is. Enjoy!

UGA Offers How-to Guide on Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns — Infowars

Same-sex marriage was never actually marriage.

I saw this article on the NZ Conservative Coalition. As always, I should preface, my opinions do not indicate that I automatically dislike gay people as individuals—my roommate this year is a prime example—but it means that I do not agree with much of the LGBTQ agenda due mainly to religious beliefs and biology. In any case, I applaud Bermuda for taking a step to recognize what marriage actually is. According to the dictionary (or at least, it used to be—the original definition is no longer there in my phone), the definition of marriage requires that a marriage be between one man and one woman, no other combinations. Therefore, adding the modifier “same-sex” is a contradiction of the term marriage as two men or two women do not equal one man and one woman (at least, for when not talking about the addition of physical persons). From that, I believe that it can be argued that same-sex marriage (NOT traditional marriage) is the social construct, as marital union is based off physical biology.

Anyways, enjoy the article!

Bermuda abolishes same-sex marriage after legalising it a year ago — Family First NZ

Promising Takeaways from the Masterpiece Cakeshop

I saw this on Facebook around the time he oral arguments were being heard about the Masterpiece Cakeshop case in the Supreme Court. It gives me a little hope that First Amendment rights might be upheld in this case. Enjoy!


March for Life = March for Women

I meant to forward this article during the March for Life, but I forgot. In any case, you cannot claim to be for women when you support a process that discriminated against any section of women. Enjoy!