Deportation isn’t worse than abortion.

I saw this one a week ago on Cultureshift, and the hypocrisy it points out is clear cut. How can there be outrage for deportation of illegal immigrant children when abortion outright kills other children? Enjoy!

Aborting A Child Is Far Worse Than Deporting One


Amnesty is far from the answer.

I saw this on the Aussie Conservative blog a couple of weeks ago. It provides good detail about the perhaps unintended consequences of illegal immigration amnesty and it has some of Ann Coulter’s trademark sharp wit, so I highly recommend giving it a read. Enjoy!

Political correctness is ruining comedy.

I saw this one today on the NZ Conservative Coalition. This article immediately caught my eye because I love watching Mel Brooks movies. I hadn’t known really about him until a few years ago, my dad got me the collection of his best movies for Christmas. I had been skeptical at first (really just because I had not really been exposed to him), but once I started watching them, I couldn’t get enough. I’ve watched his classics such as Robin Hood Men in Tights, Space Balls, History of the World Part 1, and Blazing Saddles. The humor in it is beautiful because he really goes after everyone. So, seeing this article I was happy to see another actor who does not follow the Hollywood crowd, but I’m sad to hear that political correctness is impeding this beautiful type of comedy. Enjoy the article!

Mel Brooks mourns the erosion of free speech through the loss of free comedy — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

A Catholic Priest’s Perspective on the Hurtful Hurricane Comments

At the beginning of each week, the priest at my church down at college sends out an email with some weekly thoughts for us. My priest has an amazing way with words and is pretty relatable, so he always has good for thought. This week, in light of the hurricanes last week, he chose to talk about those liberal comments rejoicing in the hurricanes’ paths of destruction through Florida and Texas. I really liked what he said, and it reminded me of an article I shared previously, so I thought I’d pass his comments on. Enjoy!

The hurricane season has been particularly bad this year. Harvey and Irma have caused billions of dollars of damage and caused the death and injuries of hundreds. Some peoples lives are changed forever. Please join me in praying for and, if you are able, financially supporting the relief efforts.
As devastating as the hurricanes have been, the response by some people on social media also stands as a harrowing reminder to each of us of the need for forgiveness, love, and mercy. I was shocked to see people seemingly celebrating the devastation because of the presumed politics of Texans and Floridians. Apparently, when we disagree with someone’s politics now, it’s okay to hate them or wish them ill.
Daryl Davis, a professional pianist, thought otherwise. Over the past few decades, Daryl, a black man, has befriended nearly 200 members of the Ku Klux Klan and convinced them to leave. Instead of returning hatred and scorn for those with whom he honestly and adamently disagreed, Daryl became their friend. He loved them. He forgave them.
Our enemies are not lost or hopeless causes. They, like each of us, are in desperate need of conversion and salvation.
In yesterday’s Gospel, Jesus tells us to forgive not seven times but 77 times. When we offer love and mercy in the face of hatred and division, we stand a real chance of changing the world for the better not aiding to its demise.
The world needs more Daryl’s, not hotheads on social media. Love and forgive. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Is their true mission really about “equality”?

I saw this one on the Aussie Conservative blog. What I love about this piece is it points out that the LGBTQ community in general may be striving for more than equality (though they may say so) and points out the interesting similarities between this movement and that of Marxism. Enjoy!

There are better things to be worried about than diversity when national security is at stake.

This one is from the NZ Conservative Coalition. I’ve mentioned many times that I believe in meritocracy…the best person should get the job regardless of their religion, gender, race, or other creed or characteristic. Ability transcends all these categories…there are people who are good at their jobs in all these categories, especially in today’s day and age. What kills me about this though is that where the CIA should be focusing on protecting America through their trade, others are worried about how diverse they are. Enjoy!

CIA’s New Boss Accused of Not Being Interested in Diversity — The Counter Jihad Report

The Difference Between Equal Treatment and Equal Classification in Light of the Gay Marriage Debate

This is another from the Aussie Conservative blog. What I like about this article is the difference between equal treatment and equal classification. It’s a great perspective to view the gay marriage debate from. Enjoy!

Who cares about Taylor Swift’s political leanings anyways?

I saw this one a bit more than a week ago on the Aussie Conservative blog. I’m not quite a Swiftie (although, enough of my friends are, so I have developed an appreciation for some of her songs), so I don’t follow her moves a lot, but I respect her actions on not disclosing her political stance on Trump. Everyone, of course, is entitled to their opinion and as we have freedom of speech, is welcome to share it. However, you don’t have to share it if you don’t want. It’s completely up to you. Would I like it if she supported Trump? Yes. Would I be disappointed if she voted for Clinton? Yes. However, that still doesn’t change her right to disclose or not disclose her politics, and I respect her for not caving into the pressure. Enjoy!

My Arizona homies should keep watch on this.

I saw this one a bit more than a week ago on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog. It’s an article about a female Muslim candidate for Senate in Arizona. I don’t care about people’s gender or religion…but this article points out an inconsistency between her stated values and who she associates with. Not that I would vote for a liberal, but it would make me doubt she actually is “progressive”. Enjoy!

The “Progressive” Pro-Polygamy Arizona Muslim Candidate, Appears With Supporters of Killing Gays — The Counter Jihad Report