A Nice Critique of Identity Politics

It’s been a long while since I posted (junior year has been quite a busy time), but earlier today I was reading an article written by an intellectual who is visiting my university next week. I like this article for its well-thought out critique and history of identity politics and how it proposes to bridge the ideological gap on immigration between both political sides so that it addresses the concerns of both parties. I also like how it talks about how we can create national identity in an age where diversity of many kinds is unavoidable. I do disagree with the writer’s assertion that the American right has drifted further to the right than the American left has drifted left, the writer’s thoughts on why the right opposes Obamacare, but there are quite a few ideas in his writing that I like (mostly to do with his identity politics critique and moderateness compared to how the right and the left are portrayed) and align with my own ideas that I couldn’t not share this.


The Problems Presented by Homosexual Priests

As a practicing Catholic, the recent sex abuse scandals are horrifying, and to anyone who was affected who might read this blog, may I lament that clergy that should’ve been role models for you failed you. Unfortunately, while Catholic teaching is moral and credible, we are imperfect humans who often sin…even priests. However, though the church, as with other religious institutions, are no stranger to scandal, this doesn’t stop us from searching for answers to prevent things like this happening the church.

Vatican Cardinal: ‘Homosexual Culture’ In The Church Part Of Abuse Crisis — Daily Wire