The Slippery Slope of Euthanasia

Another from my Facebook newsfeed. I don’t usually post a lot about euthanasia, but we all know that suicide isn’t okay so why should it be okay if you’re terminally ill are suffering. Just like abortion isn’t a solution to a crisis or high risk pregnancy, euthanasia isn’t the solution. The real solution is better medical care. It may not be the cheapest option, but especially if you are suffering from something that is hard to cure, seeking better treatment instead of euthanasia can help others with your same suffering in the future. Enjoy!

Ben Shapiro do the smack down.

I also saw this in my Facebook newsfeed. Ben Shapiro is one of my favorite political speakers because he is so succinct in making is points, and in this video, he’s no different. This here is a great video about abortion and how identity politics leads to moral relativism. Enjoy his awe-inspiring smack down!

I’m disappointed in the Senate.

I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed. I’m incredibly disappointed that the Senate doesn’t have any compassion for the unborn who feel pain. The late term abortion procedures sound painful, and regardless of where you stand on abortion (whether completely pro-life like me or pro-abortion or somewhere in between), you should realize that to subject someone to such a positive nail death is morally wrong. He only bright side in my case is that I now know that I can very likely trust my senators (a Republican and a moderate Democrat)—unlike my representative—with pro-life issues. Enjoy!

A Profile of Nikki Haley

On Facebook, one of my friends shared this article about Nikki Haley done by a magazine associated with her alma mater, Clemson University. This woman is amazing and sensible, and not going to lie, I kind of wish she was the governor of my state (the governor of my state isn’t too bad, as far as I’m concerned, though), but she’s doing a fine job as our nation’s representive to the United Nations. I learned quite a bit about her in this article. Enjoy!

Rogue Christianity

I saw this one on the Aussie Conservative blog. It’s an interesting article about the attempt to depict the Holy Family as refugees. I’d like to note that though you could argue perhaps that they were refugees for a while, you cannot argue that the Holy Family was a refugee family throughout all of Jesus’s childhood as, if anyone remembers from the Bible, when Jesus is twelve, there is an important scene where Jesus gets lost in the temple–which is in Jerusalem. This, among other passages in the Bible, indicates that at some point, Jesus and his parents return from the land of Egypt, and to return to your land would mean that you are no longer a refugee. Enjoy!