Children don’t get in the way of success. (Mindset does.)

Another I saw on Facebook. This one is about rapper Cardi B and how people expect her to abort her child to continue her career. However, so-called pro-choice advocates are doing is disservice to women, implying they aren’t strong enough to have both a child and a career.

This is exactly why I have never supported the Democrats.

I saw this article on Facebook. It’s about why the Democrats have a hard time getting conservatives/Republicans, particularly conservatives opposed to Trump, to join them. My state has a late primary, and before the 206 primary, I had been intent on voting for Ben Carson because I knew from reading his works and life story that he was calm, reasonable, and logical. I hadn’t really given much thought to Trump’s candidacy because I had made up my mind, but come primary time, he was the only candidate left. I had already known that many of Hillary and Bernie’s supporters didn’t compromise their beliefs and thought that anyone who didn’t follow liberal orthodoxy weren’t welcome (and we all know that the DNC’s thoughts on that made that painfully clear, as I mentioned in an earlier post), so it made my choice clear. Trump asserted that he would listen to those of us who had been spurned by the liberals—even those (unlike myself) who only disagreed a little with the liberals. Conservatives aren’t going to listen to people who won’t compromise with them. So, for anyone who who has a hard time fathoming why we voted for Trump, that’s why. I just pray that both sides of the aisle can actually one day be able to sit down and talk about things civilly because the current lack of civility makes me worried for the nation and the world. As Jesus taught, we most treat ALL of our neighbors as ourselves, but that’s not happening here.

Anyways, enjoy the article!

It never hurts to try.

I saw this on Facebook a few weeks ago. It just kills me that these little babies are born alive but that a lot of times, no one wants to help. Sure, these babies have the odds stacked against them, but dying soon after birth isn’t necessarily set in stone. Therefore, it can’t hurt to try to help them—you never know if they might survive. If the help works, great! You just saved a life! If not, you tried your best, and at least the babies are going to a better place. Don’t babies deserve this dignity?

You know your university is a liberal cesspool when there are signs out that say, “Hate has no home in our town,” but that’s not true in regards to opinions.

Around campus for a while now, I’ve been seeing signs that say “Hate has no home in our town”. I actually beg to differ. My college town votes heavily liberally, and in general, most (though not all) liberals haven’t been very accommodating of other people’s opposite political opinions. Hate doesn’t just encompass reasons surrounding physical characteristics; it also encompasses personal thoughts and opinions. Therefore, given that my college town is mostly liberal, and the general liberal (at least as portrayed by the media) is not very tolerant of other people’s opinions despite preaching the virtue of tolerance, the message of this sign is false and won’t be true until differing political opinions are taken into account.