The Resurrection of the Travel Ban

As we heard in the news this week, the Supreme Court has allowed most of President Trump’s travel ban to take effect, which it did last night. This is great news as it brings us one step closer to being able to control who comes into our country as any nation state should have the right to do and, perhaps more importantly right now, ensure that the people coming here are not going do us harm. I found a brief article on the Aussie Conservative blog that briefly summarizes what went down this week. Enjoy!

Supreme Court breathes new life into Trump’s travel ban

The Legality of Enforcing Deportation

Enforcement of deportation of illegal aliens–particularly those who came here as adults and or committed crimes in our country –is legal and doesn’t violate due process because they are not citizens or legal nationals of this country and by our laws, entering our country as an undocumented migrant is illegal. As I understand it, the right of due process is a privilege that only applies to citizens and a sovereign nation has the right to secure its borders and enforce its immigration laws. Many other countries do this. Why can’t we do that as well?