A Fresh Take on Ronald Reagan

Another I found on the Aussie Conservative blog. The other day, I found this article, and this article gives insight into why Ronald Reagan was such a popular president. It reminded me of an encounter I had a couple of years ago when I expressed admiration of Ronald Reagan to some classmates in one of my high school classes. I recall them expressing something along the lines of distaste for him, which both didn’t surprise me (as Ronald Reagan is considered a hero to conservatives) but also took me aback. Reading this article, it becomes clear that those classmates clearly didn’t understand this fabulous president and what his mission was as president of the United States and that people have been obscuring what Ronald Reagan truly stood for. I’m sure you’ll find the information in this article as interesting as I did. Enjoy!

Ronald Reagan, Working Class Hero: New Book Speaks Loudly to Donald Trump’s America

Reagan got it about gun rights.

I saw this on Facebook. I think it perfectly ties into how just because gun violence happens doesn’t mean we should outlaw guns. This man still stuck to the Second Amendment even though he was shot. I always think about how my dad tells me how he wished he had been able to vote twice for Ronald Reagan (he was a bit too young in 1980), and honestly, part of me wishes I could have voted for him, too. What a great president.

Anyways, enjoy!