Practical Ways to Discourage Abortion and Help Women With Unplanned Pregnancies

I saw this on the Instagram story of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). It’s a blog post from their website written by a women who found herself with an unplanned pregnancy. It’s a great post about how to help women like that. While, as a Catholic and someone who believes in common sense, I believe we should work on minimizing the amount of women who end up in this situation, the list at the end of this post has many great ways we can help out the women who do end up in this situation. If we want to eradicate the demand for abortion, we have to make sure the women in this situation feel loved and supported…that they can make the courageous choice to choose life. As the pro-life movement says, #lovethemboth.

What Nazis didn’t understand then and modern leftists don’t understand now is that aborting children because of genetic disorders won’t make genetic disorders disappear forever.

Another from NZ Conservative Coalition. The Pope’s statement made me think that advocates for abortion misunderstand the fact of biology that genes can mutate in healthy people and can be passed on…which means that aborting children with genetic disorders won’t necessarily make that genetic disorder disappear…in the long term, that genetic disorder always has the chance to reappear if a person’s genes mutate and it gets passed along to any children they have. Of course, I admit that I don’t study biology nor know its intricacies, but I remember enough of my biology course in 8th grade to know this.

Pope Francis: Abortion For Birth Defects Is Like Nazi Eugenics — Daily Wire