An Example of Modern Day Idolatry

Though I often have mixed feelings about Pope Francis, I like this article because the point it makes about the truth about what idolatry is has broad implications in life. When we elevate things to god-like statuses, we often lose sight of the important things in life and spiral into negatives things such as addiction.

Pope Francis: Sacrificing Children For Career Is Modern Idolatry — Daily Wire

What Nazis didn’t understand then and modern leftists don’t understand now is that aborting children because of genetic disorders won’t make genetic disorders disappear forever.

Another from NZ Conservative Coalition. The Pope’s statement made me think that advocates for abortion misunderstand the fact of biology that genes can mutate in healthy people and can be passed on…which means that aborting children with genetic disorders won’t necessarily make that genetic disorder disappear…in the long term, that genetic disorder always has the chance to reappear if a person’s genes mutate and it gets passed along to any children they have. Of course, I admit that I don’t study biology nor know its intricacies, but I remember enough of my biology course in 8th grade to know this.

Pope Francis: Abortion For Birth Defects Is Like Nazi Eugenics — Daily Wire

As much as I like Pope Francis sometimes, there are times I just shake my head at what he says.

Because I’m Catholic, Pope Francis is the head honcho of my denomination, so he is basically the top authority of the church today. He has great moments…like his famous “Who am I to judge?” quote (as much as I don’t really like the LGBTQ agenda, my faith reminds me that I am not the final judge of people…and I mean, why would I want to be the final judge anyways?). However, this article doesn’t rub me the right way. As a Christian, of course I want to help people. However, I don’t believe it to be conducive to actual refugees if we don’t enforce good immigration laws. If we have bad immigration laws, we let in terrorists and other criminals that aren’t probably going to be too picky when choosing their targets…their targets could be both current citizens and immigrants…so in my opinion, if we really want to help refugees who truly need asylum, we must make sure the people they are escaping can’t get here and cause more problems of the problems that refugees were trying to escape in the first place. If those problems followed refugees, it would be counter-intuitive. Thus, enjoy this article I found on the NZ Conservative Coalition!

Pope Francis: Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ…… —