The Problems Presented by Homosexual Priests

As a practicing Catholic, the recent sex abuse scandals are horrifying, and to anyone who was affected who might read this blog, may I lament that clergy that should’ve been role models for you failed you. Unfortunately, while Catholic teaching is moral and credible, we are imperfect humans who often sin…even priests. However, though the church, as with other religious institutions, are no stranger to scandal, this doesn’t stop us from searching for answers to prevent things like this happening the church.

Vatican Cardinal: ‘Homosexual Culture’ In The Church Part Of Abuse Crisis — Daily Wire

Being different doesn’t mean unequal when traits are complementary.

I agree with Ben Shapiro: boys and girls are different…it’s clear in our DNA. However, as I’ve learned through my faith, the differences usually present in men and women are meant to be complementary…and thus, men and women are equal because together, they bring together all the traits of humanity.

Shapiro at National Review: Boys And Girls Are Different. Why Aren’t We Celebrating That? — Daily Wire