5 Pro-Life Political Leaders You Should Know

I saw this article on Facebook the other day. It gives brief descriptions of five political leaders who are strongly pro-life (there’s even one Democrat on the list, believe it or not!). Get to know these peeps!


Why We Voted for Trump, Our Hopes for Him, and Some Good Signs: A Summary

One of my friends shared this on Facebook, and it summarizes really well why many conservatives voted for Trump and why we hope he succeeds and also the encouraging signs that he hopefully will. Enjoy!


An Innovative Way to Give Unborn Children a Voice

Several days ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and I saw the following article from Live Action about how some Chilean women have decided to use the ultrasound to show the humanity of their unborn children. I thought it was really cool, so I wanted to share the article detailing what they did. Enjoy!


A Priest’s Perspective on Today’s Violence

The following is an article written by Bishop Donald Hying, bishop of the Diocese of Gary that I stumbled upon a few days ago. He’s only a year or so older than my parents, and I have had a few opportunities to hear him talk, and he is a fascinating man with a lot of wisdom and a great ability to communicate it (I can easily see why my parents say they could see him as a Cardinal some day). This article that he wrote is a powerful reminder of the effects of the violence that had been building up in our society and around the world, and he uses many accessible examples and interesting analogies to get his point across. This may be from a Catholic perspective, but despite that, it is easy to see that our society could benefit from examining our problems with violence. Enjoy!


Here’s proof that not subscribing to the LGBTQ train doesn’t make you homophobic or transphobic or whatever other phobia they claim we have.

I saw this one on Facebook as well. What I like about this article is that I even though I’m no fan of the LGBTQ community, it shows an institution that is traditionally against this community is trying to stay true to the traditional teachings on marriage and sexuality but show they aren’t against people who subscribe to this. It’s proof that we can be against something but not be against the people who are a part of the community. People of different walks of life can be good people, but we must stop to make an accurate judgment. Enjoy!


A Recent History of Liberal Immigration Stances

I believe I saw this article in a post one of my friends shared on Facebook. It is an eye opening article into why Democrats have supported illegal immigration in recent years–although I think many conservatives have come to these conclusions already. Enjoy!