The Problems Presented by Homosexual Priests

As a practicing Catholic, the recent sex abuse scandals are horrifying, and to anyone who was affected who might read this blog, may I lament that clergy that should’ve been role models for you failed you. Unfortunately, while Catholic teaching is moral and credible, we are imperfect humans who often sin…even priests. However, though the church, as with other religious institutions, are no stranger to scandal, this doesn’t stop us from searching for answers to prevent things like this happening the church.

Vatican Cardinal: ‘Homosexual Culture’ In The Church Part Of Abuse Crisis — Daily Wire

If you want to deal with “irresponsible breeding”, I’d recommend starting elsewhere.

As a Catholic who is well aware of the big Catholic family stereotype, the fact that someone would think like this guy does is offensive. Having a lot of children isn’t necessarily irresponsible. I’ve known many large families (many of my Catholic friends have three or more children…including one of my friends who if one of thirteen) who all had children who turned out pretty fine. If you want that many children and are able to take care of them, who am I to stop you? I have no right if you’re making sure every child is loved and cared for as they deserve to be. Besides, whatever happened to the leftist mantra of “reproductive choice”…if a woman wants to have lots of children, isn’t it her choice? If people want to deal with “irresponsible breeding”, wouldn’t be better to first deal with the problems of teenage pregnancy and other out of wedlock births? It is often children in those situations who don’t end up in good situations where they’re parents can’t really take care of them.

Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As ‘Irresponsible Breeders’ — peoples trust toronto

Practical Ways to Discourage Abortion and Help Women With Unplanned Pregnancies

I saw this on the Instagram story of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). It’s a blog post from their website written by a women who found herself with an unplanned pregnancy. It’s a great post about how to help women like that. While, as a Catholic and someone who believes in common sense, I believe we should work on minimizing the amount of women who end up in this situation, the list at the end of this post has many great ways we can help out the women who do end up in this situation. If we want to eradicate the demand for abortion, we have to make sure the women in this situation feel loved and supported…that they can make the courageous choice to choose life. As the pro-life movement says, #lovethemboth.

Perspectives on the Recent Sex Abuse Scandals in the Catholic Church

Most of you have probably heard by now of the dismissal of ex-Cardinal McCarrick and the actions of numerous priests in several dioceses in Pennsylvania. As a practicing Catholic, the fact that there are those among the leaders of my church who have strayed so far from their mission as Shepherds of our faith hurts. Unfortunately, no human is perfect, and even more unfortunately, people, including those we look up to, can screw up majorly. I’ve been fortunately to know many fantastic priests, but not everyone haws and, as a Catholic and as a law-abiding citizen, I want to see justice and solutions to the problems these scandals have presented. I think the following article presents a fairly balanced perspective of those in the Catholic Church and does a good job of showing that it will not be easy to solve this problem so that people are both respected and protected. I particularly like Cardinal Blaise Cupich’s words on this matter. I hope you’re well-enlightened into the plight of Catholics across America.

Cardinal McCarrick scandal inflames debate over gay priests — FOX News

An Example of Modern Day Idolatry

Though I often have mixed feelings about Pope Francis, I like this article because the point it makes about the truth about what idolatry is has broad implications in life. When we elevate things to god-like statuses, we often lose sight of the important things in life and spiral into negatives things such as addiction.

Pope Francis: Sacrificing Children For Career Is Modern Idolatry — Daily Wire