Maybe they should think about who they elect.

Anyone who is decently versed in Chicago politics knows that the reason Chicago is called The Windy City ain’t because it’s super windy there. The city hasn’t had a Republican mayor in ninety years, and the Democratic machine there is still active, so much so that I’m pretty sure it influences the surrounding counties, even neighboring Lake County across the state lines in Indiana (which is home to another machine in Gary, Indiana…they haven’t had a Republican mayor since the 1940’s). If you want some insight into this, compare a map of Illinois’s counties to a map of their congressional districts and keep these facts in mind: Chicago has about 3 million, and Illinois has about 13 million people. Eight of nineteen of their congressional districts include some part of Chicago, and to me, when I look at these maps, ┬áit almost looks like there’s some gerrymandering. Maybe I’m over analyzing things, but things seem fishy to me.

Anyways, people in Chicago seem to be always complaining about something–the Chicago teachers complain about public school funding, they complain about murder rates and gun violence, etc. Well, the politicians of Cook County (which is essentially, Chicago) have decided to enact a sugary drink tax (read the article below for more details), and citizens have protested it, saying it’s too much (for those of you who aren’t aware, Chicago has taxes on many, many things…such that as that article says, it’s hard to remember what isn’t, and as my dad always likes to say, it’s taxation without representation). As I was reading that article and analyzing in light of what I know about Chicago, I realized that if Chicago has this much to complain about, maybe they should elect different representatives.

Here’s an 2016 electoral map of Illinois, which shows its counties. Notice which counties are red, which are blue, and what the popular vote totals are:,_2016

Here’s the map of the Congressional districts of Illinois.’_congressional_districts

Here’s a map of Indiana counties from our last presidential election…just for comparison. Notice the similarities:,_2016

Here’s the sugary drink tax article I mentioned: