Not all country music fans are Republicans.

I saw this one on the Aussie Conservative blog. All I have to say is that even if it were true that all country music fans were Republican, that still wouldn’t make it okay for you to shoot up a concert just because you hate Republicans. Republicans are people just like Democrats with a right to life among the other rights our Constitution affords us. Enjoy!

The Islamic (Re)Conquest of Spain

I saw this one on the Aussie Conservative blog. I believe I have mentioned in the past that I have actually been to Spain…right before college, I spent ten days in Spain for my school’s annual Spain trip. We toured through southern Spain from Madrid to some of the great Spanish cities such as Toledo, Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla, and Málaga. It was a very beautiful (albeit very hot and sunny) place with amazing architecture and history (for example, if you thought American cathedrals were awe-inspiring, the monstrosities of Europe overshadow them exponentially), so it is very sad to be seeing this happen to somewhere I visited not all that long ago. Enjoy!

So…just because I’m white…I’m a white supremacist…?

I saw this one on the Aussie Conservative blog. It seems that these days, you can be labelled as a supremacist just because of what the color of your skin is or a multitude of things. To me, this seems like a reverse of the logic that led to people in previous centuries believing that blacks weren’t human. Whatever happened to actual equality?