Rogue Christianity

I saw this one on the Aussie Conservative blog. It’s an interesting article about the attempt to depict the Holy Family as refugees. I’d like to note that though you could argue perhaps that they were refugees for a while, you cannot argue that the Holy Family was a refugee family throughout all of Jesus’s childhood as, if anyone remembers from the Bible, when Jesus is twelve, there is an important scene where Jesus gets lost in the temple–which is in Jerusalem. This, among other passages in the Bible, indicates that at some point, Jesus and his parents return from the land of Egypt, and to return to your land would mean that you are no longer a refugee. Enjoy!

Ann Coulter’s Perspective on Roy Moore’s Defeat

I saw this one on the Aussie Conservative blog, and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I always enjoy reading stuff from Ann Coulter. This one’s an article about the defeat of Roy Moore, and she provides an interesting perspective. Enjoy!

Not only is this an attack on freedom of information but it’s just plain dumb.

I saw this on the Aussie Conservative blog. Knowing the ethnic origin of suspects can help you get an idea of the person you’re trying to catch and punish fairly for the committed crime. It can also give you an idea of what types of people tend to commit different types of crime. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every person in a certain ethnic group will commit that crime, but it can give you insights into why they do so and how to address the issues that cause them to commit crimes.

The UN shouldn’t be worrying so much about Australian when there are way worse countries in the world.

I saw this post on the Aussie Conservative blog a few weeks ago, and it just sinks in how misguided and useless the UN really is. I mean, Australia probably isn’t perfect (and I mean, what country is?), but it’s a democracy with freedom, and there are countries in the world who restrict all sorts of freedoms (cough, cough…North Korea…cough, cough…China…). Enjoy the article!

The Flaws of the “Immigrants Do the Jobs We Won’t” Argument

I saw this on the Aussie Conservative blog, and though this article is in the context of Australian immigration problems, the overall idea of the article–pointing out the flaws of the “immigrants do jobs we won’t” argument–applies also to America. Enjoy!