Since when was religious creed a factor in being fit for a government job?

I believe my mom shared this article with me a few days ago. It is in regard to Senator Feinstein’s questioning of Ann Barrett in regard to her faith. The senator seems to forget that it’s quite clear in our laws that there will be no religious litmus test in order to be qualified for a government job. This makes sure that the government doesn’t discriminate based on religion, which means that of people who are equally qualified for a job, people of different religions whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, or something else, are equally likely to get a job. Enjoy this letter from one of Professor Barrett’s Notre Dame colleagues!



I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed a few days ago, and this ADF article about some First Amendment success stories at some American universities and how many students are lulled by many university’s hypocritical statements on freedom of expression. As this article states, we must stay #FreedomWoke and hold fast and fight for the rights that our Founding Fathers established for us. Enjoy, and stay #FreedomWoke!

Shouldn’t we be worried about this drug exposure to unborn children?

I saw this one today on the Cultureshift blog. It points a hypocrisy of society…particularly the leftist abortion advocates where people care when a mother uses drugs and alcohol while expecting her child, yet they don’t when drugs are specifically used to end that unborn child’s life. Enjoy!

Alcohol Abuse

Shouldn’t you be able to speak and understand English if you go to university in America?

I was walking up to my floor, and I saw these signs. As I’ve said, if you’re in another country for the long term, you ought to know their language which makes communication easier for everyone. What continues to baffle me is that this is a university in America, who’s official language for all technicality is English. Classes in general (with the obvious and understandable exception of foreign language classes) are taught in English, and also given that foreign students have to pass a fluency exam, I would assume that everyone attending here has a decent, conversational grasp on English. As such, I think this sign is overkill, but then again, universities are leftist in general, so I shouldn’t be surprised that this is just another way hey try to be “inclusive” and appease minorities.


What if you’re a conservative?

I saw this sign on the door of one of my residence hall’s staff in the center building. Every time I see one of these signs, I can’t help but think that as a white, straight, Catholic woman, this room wouldn’t be a safe space for me. Even if it were, I have a bigger problem with this sign. It doesn’t even say that you are safe there no matter what your political affiliation is. I think all conservatives could agree that as much as we conservatives don’t believe in safe spaces, we’d take them more seriously if they actually practiced what the preach and were welcoming of people no matter their physical characteristics or affiliations. I have posted a picture of the son below for your viewing pleasure: