There are NFL players who are pro-life.

I saw this in my Facebook newsfeed, and it makes me really happy to see more famous people who understand an unborn life’s inherent dignity. Enjoy!


If anything, this is real sexism.

I saw this in my Facebook newsfeed this morning. It’s absolutely terrible that some people will abort little girls just because they want little boys. This undermines the God-given fact that men and women have equal rights and dignity. The painful nails in the coffin is that today’s so-called feminists don’t stand up for this injustice. It’s just another reason I refuse to consider myself a feminist in the modern sense.

California does dumb things again.

Another from the NZ Conservative Coalition. This one’s about California designating itself a sanctuary state. California just doesn’t seem to get that it opens them up to more danger for their citizens. Enjoy the article!

Sanctuary state signs in CA welcome felons, illegal aliens and MS-13 — Fellowship of the Minds

This is just unacceptable.

I saw this about a month ago on the NZ Conservative Coalition. What happened to the woman is unacceptable. When anyone is assaulted, and they try to get help, you should help them–even if they look disgusting from the encounter. Helping people in need isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a moral obligation should you have the resources to do so.

Sweden: Raped by 20 Muslims, woman told she’s disgusting because she has semen in her hair — Fellowship of the Minds

The Slippery Slope of Euthanasia

Another from my Facebook newsfeed. I don’t usually post a lot about euthanasia, but we all know that suicide isn’t okay so why should it be okay if you’re terminally ill are suffering. Just like abortion isn’t a solution to a crisis or high risk pregnancy, euthanasia isn’t the solution. The real solution is better medical care. It may not be the cheapest option, but especially if you are suffering from something that is hard to cure, seeking better treatment instead of euthanasia can help others with your same suffering in the future. Enjoy!

Ben Shapiro do the smack down.

I also saw this in my Facebook newsfeed. Ben Shapiro is one of my favorite political speakers because he is so succinct in making is points, and in this video, he’s no different. This here is a great video about abortion and how identity politics leads to moral relativism. Enjoy his awe-inspiring smack down!