Being different doesn’t mean unequal when traits are complementary.

I agree with Ben Shapiro: boys and girls are different…it’s clear in our DNA. However, as I’ve learned through my faith, the differences usually present in men and women are meant to be complementary…and thus, men and women are equal because together, they bring together all the traits of humanity.

Shapiro at National Review: Boys And Girls Are Different. Why Aren’t We Celebrating That? — Daily Wire

If you want to deal with “irresponsible breeding”, I’d recommend starting elsewhere.

As a Catholic who is well aware of the big Catholic family stereotype, the fact that someone would think like this guy does is offensive. Having a lot of children isn’t necessarily irresponsible. I’ve known many large families (many of my Catholic friends have three or more children…including one of my friends who if one of thirteen) who all had children who turned out pretty fine. If you want that many children and are able to take care of them, who am I to stop you? I have no right if you’re making sure every child is loved and cared for as they deserve to be. Besides, whatever happened to the leftist mantra of “reproductive choice”…if a woman wants to have lots of children, isn’t it her choice? If people want to deal with “irresponsible breeding”, wouldn’t be better to first deal with the problems of teenage pregnancy and other out of wedlock births? It is often children in those situations who don’t end up in good situations where they’re parents can’t really take care of them.

Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As ‘Irresponsible Breeders’ — peoples trust toronto