Requested Commentary on “Healthcare Rights”

About a month ago (I apologize to my follower who requested this on not answering it in a timely fashion), I was asked for commentary on the following two videos. One takes the liberal side of the healthcare debate, and the other, the conservative. I think that Ben Shapiro explains the conservative side very well. Because of the right to life, if you are in a position to help someone maintain their life, you should help them, but the actual healthcare or whatever other help you give them is a commodity. Because of that, if you want to make healthcare low cost, you should allow in competition to drive down prices. In the liberal view, the guy talking seems to miss that if government is the primary dispenser of healthcare, it gives the government control over when, where, how, and if at all, people can get access to healthcare, and this just minimizes the choices (and also competition) for people to choose from to best fit their needs.

The Liberal View (via Secular Talk):

The Conservative View (via ben Shapiro):

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