I’d love to see this chick walk down the streets of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

I saw this on the NZ Conservative Coalition, and I couldn’t help but laugh. This woman must be blind of something to have thought that a Norwegian flag looked like a Confederate flag. The cross of the Norwegian flag aren’t oriented in the same way as on the Confederate flag nor does it have stars on it. I also honestly doubt that anyone in Washington state would fly a Confederate flag because of how liberal the state is. What I’d really love is to have this woman walk down the streets of Stoughton, Wisconsin, which is in Dane County (the same county as Madison, Wisconsin, which is uber liberal…they voted about 70% for Hillary). The people of Stoughton are very proud of their Norwegian heritage, and as I’ve seen for myself, they proudly wave the Norwegian flag with the American flag on every street, especially the main street. Would she make the same mistake, especially since this county likes Hillary too much for their own good?

Author “tips” press to a Confederate flag flying in Seattle; turns out to be a Norwegian flag — Fellowship of the Minds


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