Would Oprah repeat this to someone like my great-grandmother if she were still alive?

When I read this article I saw on the NZ Conservative Coalition, I couldn’t help thinking of my great-grandmother. To help put things into perspective, she was a money-savvy 100% Irish matriarch from Wisconsin that no one dared disrespect who was born in 1895. I remember my mom telling me that while she was still alive that she had a bit of distrust of blacks, but what Oprah doesn’t seem to understand is that people like her grew up in a different time. The Civil War happened during the generation of my great-grandma’s parents, and though I don’t recollect that they owned slaves since they were from the North, slavery was still freshly dead. Even for people born in my parents’ generation and the generation of my grandparents, the Civil Rights movement was going on and racial discrimination was widespread (both my parents remember seeing colored only drinking fountains from when visiting in the south). It doesn’t necessarily make any of the discrimination is right, but we should at least do well to remember that our ancestors lived in different times and understand that they grew up in times when values were different. Enjoy!

Oprah Winfrey on old racist people: “And they just have to die” — Fellowship of the Minds


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