Reasons to Not Have an Abortion #6

Part six in my Reasons to Not Have an Abortion series.

#6: It encourages casual sex without consequences. Then, this casual sex becomes a cycle. When you have sex with someone other than a spouse or before you’re married, you are more likely to get STDs or an unplanned pregnancy. No matter what society might say, the only 100% reliable way to prevent these things is to not have sex. Other methods may work, but they are always subject to failure. In addition, in the case of sexual abuse and sex trafficking abortion can hide evidence–a child. The fact that there’s an unborn child is evidence that sex has occurred (at least, unless you happen to be the Virgin Mary, it is otherwise impossible for humans to naturally conceive without things such as IVF), and if someone is otherwise not supposed to have sex, an unborn child just serves as another red flag. Additionally, just as the idea of “keeping the baby” can be used to manipulate women to stay in a bad relationship, abortion can also be used to manipulate the woman to stay in a bad relationship by a man saying that he won’t stay with a woman unless she aborts the child (although, to be real, the fact that a man would use an abortion to pressure a woman into staying in a relationship is a very good sign that the guy isn’t worthy of you anyways).

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