Where will it stop?

Another from the NZ Conservative Coalition. With all the antifa suggestions for taking down monuments, it almost seems like they might end up taking down all the monuments everywhere…all I know is that this needs to stop.

Ending ‘White Supremacy’ Requires Erasure of Washington and Jefferson, Says Antifa Supporter —


6 thoughts on “Where will it stop?

    • It was a good piece. Thank you for the opportunity to read it. I apologize for not reading it sooner, but I’ve not been specifically asked to read a post by someone who hasn’t been to my site before or wasn’t a blog I followed. It’s good to know that there are other people out there who condemn the violence of antifa and other violent protestors. Lastly, thanks again for visiting the sight. I hope you enjoyed the content!


      • By the way, I dont know if you looked at my other post and I’m not saying you should or have to, but if you did, I hope you wearnt offended. I know that you are an orthodox jew and I wasnt trying to say anything negative about jews. It was just an interesting talking point that I decided to post about.


      • This is embarrassing but for some reason the last person I remember asking to read my post was Ben Shapiro, who is an orthodox jew. I appologize for the mistake. I did look at your page and I like what you post. So sorry for the confusion and thank you for giving my post a read. I really do appreciate it. May I ask who you are?


      • It depends on what you mean. I keep stuff like my school and my real name private because I don’t trust my university to honor the First Amendment. General information about who I am is on my About page.

        I am glad you like what I post, though.


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