As an astrophysicist-in-training, I must classify this liberal absurdity as some sort of political astrology.

Just being an astronomer/astrophysicist-in-training, when I read the following article I saw on the NZ Conservative Coalition, I couldn’t help but laugh. Paths of eclipses and other solar system astronomical events are calculated years in advance of the actual advance. The left wasn’t proclaiming the path of this year’s solar eclipse (which does indeed go through many traditionally Republican states) as indicative of a conservative win in years past, so I, naturally, chalk this up to some liberal pseudoscience. In any case, I hope you get a kick out of this article and if you’re able to see at least part of it, the eclipse will be great (a break from conservative commentary…especially for my fellow Americans, you’ll have great views of this eclipse, and this one is a must-see).

‘Boston Globe’ Slammed for Absurd Column Linking Solar Eclipse to Trump — Young Conservatives


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