The Root of All Evil

I saw this post on the pro-life blog Cultureshift the other day, and I love the point that it makes. Whenever we think certain humans are lesser than us, we find it okay to deprive them of their God-given rights. There are many examples throughout history of times this has happened. For example, for centuries, slavery was mainstream because people who didn’t belong to their ethnic or racial group were not as good as they were, so it was okay to deprive them of liberty and property and a myriad of other things. The Nazis didn’t think the Jews or various other groups of people were as good as purebred Germans, so they decided to take them from their homes and execute them. Many authoritarian societies (i.e. North Korea) don’t want people to be exposed to ideas that might make them think that there are other, better ways of life and don’t want people to speak up about that, so they deprive them of freedom of speech and expression. Abortion is not that much different–a lot of what’s at the heart of the abortion debate is what constitutes a human being and when…whether it be size, location, potential disability, the development of a certain universally human characteristic, or a myriad of other things.  For this reason or that, pro-abortion activists argue that an unborn child isn’t a human and then they think that it’s okay to kill the child for this reason or that reason, thus depriving that child of the life it already has been given. I don’t know about any other countries, but the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men are equal and that they all have right to life that is inalienable by any man. Isn’t an unborn child only a small man and therefore entitled to those same rights that the rest of us already born are endowed with? I certainly think so.

Abortion Destroys Peace And Equality


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