I can’t believe this person had the audacity to call the Bible “fake news”.

I saw this one on the NZ Conservative Coalition, and I almost wanted to laugh in disbelieve. This writer is apparently pretty misinformed. First, there are parts of the Bible that aren’t written to be literal or historical but are written in other styles to convey different messages (if your Bible is similar to mine, you can see this in the introductions to each book and also in the footnotes). Additionally, this article reminded me of a book I read last summer called The Case for Christ (fantastic book, by the way, in case you’re interested). My podiatrist had given it to me for my graduation from high school, and it was a very interesting read. Anyways, in it, it talks about the New Testament and the life of Christ, and in it, among the many things you learn is about the historical accuracy of the New Testament in particular. One of the most amazing points in the book is that there are other books from ancient authors that we trust to be true (similar to the Bible) yet many of these works don’t have very many from the time period they were originally written and or only later copies survive. Enjoy!

Teen Vogue Writer Who Joked About Trump Dying, Now Cites Bible As ‘False News’ — Young Conservatives


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