European Surrender

This one I saw on the Aussie Conservative blog. It is made clear in this article that Europe is blindly swallowing the “European imperialistic oppression” version of history. That’s not to say that the European countries didn’t do their fair share of conquering and colonizing…my country was once a colony of Britain, but as the article states, it seems that Leftists often fail to mention that there were other nations that conquered and colonized all over the world. For example, you could talk about the ancient Aztecs in Mexico, the Egyptians in Africa, the ancient Chinese or the various Indian kingdoms in Asia…to name only a few. Of course, you can’t forget, despite the Leftist insistence that they are completely innocent, that the Muslims that spread from the Arabian peninsula and Africa. If you need proof of that one…you only need go to Spain and see places such as the Alhambra or the Generalife or just southern Spain in general. I have seen these things, and I can tell you that you can clearly see that the Muslim Moors were there and conquered Christian Spain. With all these examples, it becomes clear that you cannot blame only the Europeans for oppression, especially if you are talking about imperialism.

In any case, another thing that came to mind as I read this since this article chiefly talks about the situation in Great Britain. This situation mirrors that of World War II when most of Europe fell to the Nazis, leaving only the courageous British led by the great Winston Churchill left standing (until we Americans came to help). If Britain had fallen to the Nazis, all of Europe would have fallen, and who knows what the world would be like. Now, all of Europe is falling again…this time to radical Islam. Unfortunately, Great Britain is not seeming to truly stand to the enemy this time. Britain has always seemed like the European country to stand against their enemies, but I fear that this time, they too may fall, and if they do, the European continent will fall with it. Enjoy!

Europe Surrenders to Radical Islam

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