“Easy Meat”: Britain’s Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up

Another from a friend of my dad’s, and when I saw this video, I became glad that I live in America and in a part of America where the streets are relatively safe from no-go zones. I also feel glad that when I was in Spain, I didn’t encounter any of this–we were pretty safe, thank God. Although, considering that I have friend in Germany right now and a friend who will be in England this coming semester, I am worried for them. I suppose all I can also hope is that with President Trump in charge, none of this will spread to America. Enjoy!

This is rather alarming…..should our judges still rule against the travel bans…..perish the thought but maybe if one of their daughters were a victim it might shake them into reality since their decisions were politemotional not constitutional….God help us and these poor children in Britain…..


Subject: ‘Easy Meat.’ Britain’s Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up

Muslim extremists have embedded themselves into the UK (among other Western European Countries). This is a preview of coming attractions of what we can expect here in America if they continue to target the US.



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