A Better Way to Use Visas

Tonight, I was watching an episode of National Geographic’s Explorer which had a segment about the translators used by the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Those Afghanis who signed up to be them were promised passage to America because it would be dangerous for them in their own country. Naturally, being the federal government as it is, there’s been a hold up and around 13,000 remain (I believe that’s the number). They mention in the clip that the government is debating expanding the program (Congress voted to expand it to 2020). Curiously, the main opponents were Republican senators (Sessions and Grassley). Watching this clip, you feel for these people who helped America out and want to become Americans and are slowed down, yet I understand that we must protect our country. I kind of realized that the Democratic policies of open borders, softness on illegal immigration, and softness on Islamic terrorism and immigrant vetting has almost ruined it for those who helped us and have pretty much earned their visa to this country. Perhaps the government should give some of its other refugee visas to these translators and their families who (at least to me, from a lay person’s perspective) are more easily vetted in a sense and have proven in a way that they love and want to be in our country. Maybe I’m simplifying it to much, but clearly, this  is a problem that should be rectified if we want to keep local allies in the Middle East.


One thought on “A Better Way to Use Visas

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