Yet Another Reason California’s a Mess (And Also Why I Would Never Want to Live There)

I don’t know if California knows how to balance a budget…especially after reading this article I found on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog. Any person with even a shred of financial sense knows that if you don’t keep a balanced budget, you’ll end up in debt and a bad place in life. Naturally, of course, California as a whole doesn’t seem to care as long as everyone is under socialistic control. (I honestly count my lucky stars and thank God that I don’t live there and my parents are of a similar sentiment…of course, as would be my luck…there’s a downside…quite a few of the good astronomy graduate schools are out there…I guess that’s the price of a good education…suffering silently in the glow of SJWs until I get a good job…at least the East Coast also has good astronomy schools, I have family there, and there are some more good conservatives out there…) Anyways, enjoy the article!


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