Reasons to Not Have an Abortion #4

Another in my Reasons to Not Have an Abortion series.

#4: Abortion propagates race and gender selectivity.

For one, if you didn’t already know it, the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger was a supporter of eugenics (in the worst way…wanting to use it against minorities) and wanted to use abortion to achieve her ends. I don’t know about you, but it sounds an awful lot like what was probably said in Nazi Germany back in the day. So, if you allow abortion for reasons of controlling the populations of different races and ethnicities, you would be limiting the diversity of this planet because you are deliberately choosing to extinguish a people…and in my  opinion, that hurts the credibility of the liberal position since they are all for diversity at whatever cost.

As for the gender side, take a look at China. Traditionally, as with many other countries, boys were the preferred gender of a child. You all may remember that China previously had their one-child-policy (now the two-child-policy). If you, like your ancestors really want a boy, that only gives you essentially one chance to get what you want (assuming you are not going to abort whatever child is conceived), so if you find out your child is a girl, you may be tempted to just abort the child, so you can try again for a boy. Because of this, they currently have an imbalance between the genders. Even without the whole mess of the limitation of the amount of children you can have, abortion seems to present itself as a tantalizing solution to a desire of having a child that’s one gender over the other (rather than just accepting what you have been given).

Thus, it seems to me that to have an abortion for one of the reasons described above would then be racism and sexism, so I guess that means that you can argue (especially in the case with gender) that liberals are not actually against racism and sexism as they claim to be.


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