Sharia Law in Action

Every time I hear about the horrors of what can happen if you break Sharia law…no person should be treated this way, even if they are doing something that I don’t agree with. It ‘s brutal and inhumane…and exactly why it should never be a part of Western law. What really hit me about this article is that it was talking about an area of the world where one of my friends is from. One of my friends is from Banda Aceh, Indonesia, which is the capital of the province the incident in this article took place. My Indonesian friend here is almost polar opposite of me politically, but even he has agreed that Aceh Province’s Sharia law is out of hand, and if I recall correctly, it’s part of why he wants to get out of that province. Thanks the the NZ Conservative Coalition for finding this short article, and enjoy!

Sharia law in action


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