If I can be choose to be transgender then it follows that I can choose to be transracial.

I saw this article on the NZ Conservative Coalition, and I love the logic presented in this article. Basically, if transracialism is true like liberals claim transgenderism is, then I can arbitrarily choose to identify with my ancestry from the British Isles or my Scandinavian ancestry or my German ancestry or any other race or ethnicity, even if it’s not in my blood. I get when you have moments were you identify more with one part of your ancestry…I mean, when it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I definitely feel immense pride about my Irish ancestry and my Irish kin that likely came during the potato feminine in the 1800s. When I hear about the Vikings, I swell with pride because those awesome sailors who raided and pillaged and conquered were also my ancestors. I even can feel pride for my stubborn German ancestors and my British and Scottish ancestors, all who had great qualities. But for me, these are momentary, and it is unreasonable to say you have one ethnicity and completely forget about what else has made you you. Enjoy the article!

If I can choose my gender then why not my race?


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