Reasons to Not Have an Abortion #1

So, you can probably tell that because I’m a Catholic, the eradication of abortion is very important me. Of any of the political issues I talk about, because it involves the most fundamental human right (the right to life, as my church says, from conception to natural death), it is one of the ones I have the strongest feelings for and will absolutely never compromise on (not that I don’t feel strongly about other issues like traditional marriage, upholding legal immigration, free speech, etc. but this holds a special place in my heart). As such, I am friends with some of the leadership of my university’s pro-life group (it doesn’t hurt that those that I am friends with go to my church). Anyways, a day before I went home, I had lunch with my friend Jenna who is the president of the organization. We came up with a list of reasons that you shouldn’t have an abortion, and I figured I’d share. Thanks to Jenna for sitting down and doing this with me! Enjoy!

#1: The scientific body of research has concluded that the human life cycle begins at conception, meaning that abortion at any stage terminates an innocent human life.


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