What’s prom without the men?

It’s May, and in America, that’s prom season. My mom found the following article about a Detroit high school hosting a “girls only” prom so that the Muslim girls could have a “safe space” to let down their hair. For me, even though I only went to my senior prom with a group of my foreign exchange student friends instead of an actual date, I think this girls only prom defeats the purpose of this school dance. I mean, isn’t the point of a formal dance like this supposed to be that girls get to go to with cute guys to the dance? Speaking from experience, prom is the type of dance you go with a date to because of its formality. As my mom said to me, if these girls really felt uncomfortable and wanted a girls only thing, why not just hold some non-school event elsewhere as a substitute instead of liberal schools cramming this safe space segregation down our throats?




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