Interesting Thoughts from An Actual Farmer

So, my mom’s from Wisconsin, and we still have a lot of family up there, and since it’s pretty rural, there are also quite a few farmers up there. One of my mom’s cousins is married to one of those farmers, and he owns and operates (this guy still gets up at unholy hours to do work seven days a week, God bless him) a huge dairy farm (which was pretty cool…I’ve been there, but unfortunately is was awful hot when I was) that milks almost a thousand head of cattle. Last weekend, my mom and I went up to visit them, and we got the chance to ask him his opinion and experience with finding workers and whether or not he had to do with Hispanics. He (and as far as I can discern is a conservative like us) said that even in Wisconsin, he could only find Hispanics to work on his farm…that no white guys were biting for his jobs (and also, I believe, that he’s not allowed to ask they’re immigration status). It was interesting to hear this from a bonafide farmer and made me realize that, perhaps among other things, that society/liberals (and maybe some conservatives…but mostly liberals) maybe have been telling other Americans that they are above doing jobs like this when they (even if they may not pay what you want) are perfectly good jobs that could even help the jobless and homeless (however plausible that would be), so they can further their agenda of creating a socialistic paradise with minorities. By promoting this, it fosters laziness by closing people off from considering such jobs to work–even if they’re transition jobs for something better. They’d rather sit back and collect welfare. In the end, we probably wouldn’t have this problem if immigration laws were enforced to begin with.

I hope you enjoy these thoughts.


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