Is the DNC stupid or what?

You probably heard about how DNC Chairman Tom Perez basically stated that every Democrat (and American) should be pro-choice–otherwise they can’t be a Democrat. While I am excited that this might bring more people away from the Democrats and possibly to the Republicans, I believe that this is an incredibly stupid move for the DNC Chair. You are basically alienating a fair amount of people. For example, they are alienating Christians—particularly my fellow Catholics. As I mentioned in previous posts, Catholics have faithfully voted for Democrats for a long amount of time, especially since Kennedy’s election, but if you ask any serious Catholic (like me and my fellow Catholics at college), they will tell you that abortion is an important issue and that they are sincerely pro-life–and that may be the only issue they disagree with the Democratic platform on (except maybe LGBTQ rights, but that’s another story). If I were the Democratic Party, I’d be trying to appeal to more people, and this certainly won’t do that job.

Here’s an article from the Aussie Conservative about it:

Democrats Reel from DNC Chair’s Announcement That Party Will Exclude Pro-Life Candidates

Here’s an article from the Orlando Sentinel about it (among other things):



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