Since when do men need menstrual products?

I found the following article on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog, and the possibilities that transgenderism has paved the way for never ceases to astound me. One of the reasons this article caught my attention (besides the absurdity of the action) was that it involved a college I actually applied and got into last year (University of Wisconsin-Madison). And as much as my family loves rooting for the Badgers (when they don’t play the university I go to) since my mom is a born and raised Wisconsinite, the university (and the surrounding city of Madison, for that matter) is super liberal, and I occasionally hear about crazy stuff they’ve implemented. I feel blessed I chose to go elsewhere.

In the end–besides the fact that it does not seem as if some people understand that only biological women menstruate–how hard is it to go to the store and by yourself feminine products? In the real world, this stuff isn’t free…and besides, if you think it’s free at university, you should remember that whatever you pay the university via tuition probably contributes to funding for such endeavors, so why not just of buy them yourself anyways? That’s what happens in real life.

Universities provide menstrual products for trans men


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