Abortion leads to ableism.

So, I’ve read several articles lately about doctors pushing for abortions of babies with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Suddenly, I realized that the Left is guilty then of ableism and hypocrisy. Ableism, according to my computer’s dictionary is discrimination in favor of able-bodied people. The Left says it’s against all sorts of -isms, including ableism, yet they are okay with aborting babies who may not be able to function quite like stereotypically normal human beings. That, then, is a textbook definition of ableism because if you were to practice non-discrimination of people with disabilities, you wouldn’t kill someone just because of what their genetics make of them. Therefore, I challenge anyone, especially any liberal who reads this post (especially those in favor of abortion in certain cases), to think carefully if someone says that we should be allowed to abort in certain cases and ask if it’s actually discrimination towards a certain kind of people.


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