Free speech is ethical and legal.

So, the honors college of my university (which I am a part of) hosts a menagerie of events that students can attend to broaden their knowledge and explore areas, and as I am a part of the honors college, I am privy to these events and get email notifications about them. I was checking them the other day and saw this event, so I decided to screenshot it.


My answers (and that of most conservatives, I believe.) to the questions in the photo:





I stand for completely free speech. I don’t care what viewpoint you have, but the First Amendment generally guarantees everyone’s right to stay what they want, no matter how unpopular it is. If you restrict speech somewhere, where are you even justified to stop? And if the opposing viewpoint that you censored comes to power, what’s to stop them from censoring you in revenge? Therefore, it only makes sense to put no restrictions on speech. Free speech allows you to put ideas out there and discern more easily the best ideas. It is essential to democracy.


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