My Brother the Rebel Rouser

This was too funny at the time not to share.

So, my parents came to visit this weekend, and today, we went to this nearby frozen yogurt place. On the way out, we walked past this van with a Bernie 2016 bumper sticker on the window and a lady getting something out of it. Of course, my brother, who has no problem being cheeky in the political arena (this is the kid who had a Trump 2016 sticker on his old phone case and had the guts to flash it at people while we were walking around the super liberal capital city of Madison, Wisconsin), coughed, “Trump” well within her range of hearing as we walked to our own car nearby. My mom and I couldn’t suppress our laughter. I don’t know exactly what she said, but she said (sarcastically) something along the lines of that she hoped that her kid grew up as smart as my brother (which is ironic because my brother, though he doesn’t try as much as he should, is actually somewhat smart). My brother replied that she voted for Bernie to which she replied that “you had voted for Trump”. Well, my brother is under the age of eighteen, so only my parents and I voted for Trump, but I’ll forgive her for that mistake since my younger brother is really tall and if she meant it of all of us in general (even those of you who don’t speak English as your first language may notice that the use of “you” in English is used widely for both singular and plural usage). They had a bit more of an exchange. Then, my dad, who came out after the main part of this incident, was just shaking his head as he saw the bumper sticker. I will give the lady credit that she did wish us a good day as she walked into a nearby restaurant. My brother, still not done, told her to have an even better day and “Make America Great Again” after her. Then, we drove a short distance back to my dorm, so my parents could drop me off (I go to school three and half hours away from my home, so it’s a long drive). They joked that they had to get out of there so my brother didn’t get into trouble.

I hope this story makes your day and makes you laugh!


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