Diversity of opinion is also diversity (even if you don’t like it).

I like this article I found via the NZ Conservative Coalition. It underscores the key part of diversity that is political opinion. Censorship doesn’t just breed fear and intolerance in those who do the censoring…it also breeds resentment of those being censored towards those who did the censoring. You can look in many places throughout the world and througouht history to find examples of this phenomena

Also, I’ll admit that I’m no stranger to this myself. Any time I see stuff that implies that my opinions are bigoted or unwelcome, I feel annoyed that they are essentially assuming who I am instead of understanding why I don’t agree with them. What some liberals don’t seem to get is that we want freedom from restrictions on our speech. We have every much of a right as they do to say what we want. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem. It’s not like the majority of us conservatives were going to censor them in return.

Freedom of speech in universities


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