Liberalism is corroding Catholicism.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m Catholic, so religion and the things associated with my Catholic faith are important and have helped significantly shape my view of the world. It is the source of my views on abortion and gay marriage (on a slightly off-topic side note, ‘gay’ and ‘marriage’ are a contradiction in the truest sense of the word…). It is my moral compass. It has helped me discern that it makes sense to have faith and be a scientist, even though society likes to say this is impossible. Unfortunately, the Left has infiltrated the Church, which is sad. I’m sure that because of the Christian desire to help others–not that this is inherently wrong–the idea of the government getting super involved in helping the less fortunate was appealing. And I’m sure that the idea of having a Catholic president, however flawed he was (for my foreign readers who were’t aware, JFK was the first and only Catholic president of America) very appealing–in fact, my maternal great-grandparents and my maternal grandmother who were both of 100% Irish Catholic descent and even my maternal grandfather who was a convert to Catholicism (who was originally a Lutheran) before he married my grandmother all likely voted for JFK (the only one I can confirm who did is my grandmother because she is the only one still alive and they didn’t talk about stuff like this back in the day). Mind you, as my grandma told me, the Democratic Party was different then, but it is clear why the call of the Democratic Party was alluring.

Anyways, I found this article on Facebook about the leftist corrosion of the Catholic Church. I figured my Catholic homies out there would appreciate this article…and even my non-Catholic homies who are interested in this topic. Enjoy!


One thought on “Liberalism is corroding Catholicism.

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