There are better ways to control population growth (and not infringe on human rights).

I found this article on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog, and it made me remember that there are better ways to control population than to force women into abortions and sterilizations. It is pretty well known that people with higher education tend to marry and have children later. For example, my parents,  who both have college degrees, were married when they were in their mid 20’s whereas my maternal grandma was nineteen when she married my grandfather. Among other factors, because my parents were older, there was less time for them to have children than for my maternal grandparents. My parents had two children as opposed to my maternal grandparents having five. The best part? You don’t even have to legislate anything to make this happen. This happens for free–no taxpayer money involved.

Of course, another thing that would help the above mentioned fact is young adults actually marrying before they ever have sex. I think most people can concur, especially if they know someone who was in this situation, that for someone who has children before they are married, having children becomes much more complicated due to a variety of factors.

Anyways, enjoy the article!

New Zealand Government Complicit in Supporting Forced Abortions and Sterilisations in China


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