Bernie has got something right (for once).

I’m a conservative millennial, and I’ve mentioned proudly that I voted for Trump in the primary of my state and in November’s election. As you can probably guess from my ramblings, I would never vote for Bernie Sanders in my life, but for once, Bernie makes a point I can agree with and that I’ve mentioned several times on my blog (It means enough that my speech topic for my final speech class speech will be on this topic): you can’t just call people names when you disagree with them (in this case, liberals name calling conservatives). It’s a great way to alienate people, and I’m sure many of my fellow conservatives feel as if we are pushed to the side as if we don’t matter. Ā Liberals who do this to us make us feel as if they won’t even listen to why we hold our opinions. Instead, we are shouted down, and their agenda is pushed and shoved down our throats…just step onto any university campus if you want to catch my drift. America isn’t just made of liberals…there are conservatives, too, and we deserve the right as much as they do to voice what we want, even if not everyone agrees with us. Doubt me? Look at the First Amendment.

Anyways, enjoy, and thanks to the Aussie Conservative for this article!


One thought on “Bernie has got something right (for once).

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