An Explanation of Snowflake Rage

I found this article on the blog of the NZ Conservative Coalition about why those liberals who are snowflakes are in such a rage. One of the parts of the article that hit home was the idea that this type of liberal considered conservative voters such as myself as stupid and ignorant, something I remember hearing more than once. I know this to not be true. Many of the conservatives I know well are well-read and keep up with the news. We are aware of what is going on in the world. We were just tired of our politicians ignoring us and catering to minorities and those who would conform to their wishes, and I can assure you that my fellow Trump voters and I will never stand for being ignored again. Liberals such as this should take a look back through the history books–particularly about the Revolutionary War. Among the main motivations for our independence was the British treating us as second-class citizens and ignoring our wishes. If the snowflake liberals hope to ever have any credibility in conservative minds, they would do well to remember that lesson.

Anyways, thanks to the NZ Conservative Coalition for finding this! Enjoy!

Understanding snowflake rage


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