I don’t think the liberals know what terrorism is.

According to my computer’s dictionary app, terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. The following article found by the Aussie Conservative shows how the liberals don’t know this definition.

Here’s the article. Enjoy, and thanks to the Aussie Conservative!

“White male Christians commit most terror attacks”

5 thoughts on “I don’t think the liberals know what terrorism is.

  1. I consider myself a liberal and am firmly and deeply aware of terrorism. I made a conscious choice to get out of my echo chamber because the vast majority of people live in an echo-chamber. In some ways it’s not everyone’s fault because the algorithms for all of social media direct us to like-minded people which simply grows the size of the echo chamber but does not encourage diverse opinions. Where elf Waldo Emerson said, and I may not get the quote per Syse so forgive me, but essentially: “in every man there is something I may learn of him and, in that I am his pupil.”

    Hence my appearance at the Ozzie conservative blog which led me to yours because if we don’t seek out the opinions of others who think differently than we do, the echo chamber merely grows, it reinforces already held opinions until they form opinions that are so hardened one gets offended when they hear an argument (by that I mean dialogue not fighting) that they are unfamiliar with and therefore dismiss it out of hand. That means one that never seriously considered his thoughts and opinions that may be different than our own.

    This is true on both sides of the political spectrum and isn’t limited to social media because if we want to watch television we can watch a news channel that is slanted somewhat or ask as propaganda for one side or the other. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this leads to a bitterly divided country which we obviously now living in. This, I would argue, is not good for America or any country for that matter.
    I thought the posting on the fact that most terrorists are all white, right-wing militia-types was interesting. I wonder what statistics would show in terms of deaths in the United States caused by Islamic terror versus white nationalist would be interesting. Globally, there is obviously no question and if they had been able to get into this country over the last 15 years we would see much more in the United States than we do. Thankfully, since September 11, 2001 A Republican administration and a Democratic administration have kept us safe except for the very difficult to stop lone wolf attacks. Although a recent study from The Department of Homeland Security indicates that Muslims do not arrive in America radicalized, but are radicalized after entry. Also why I believe Trump’s Travel Ban is poorly thought out and, like most conservative & liberals who are national security experts have publicly come out opposing this travel ban. I also think it will make it more difficult to gather and maintain our allies from predominately muslim countries with whom we have shared intelligence in order to maintain the safety of America successfully. More people die from falling out of bed each year then from terrorism in the United States. I could go on for days about the current president to I don’t think anybody could clearly define him as a liberal or conservative, I think he’s more of an opportunist who, in my opinion, has appeared ever since he took office as if he is in way over his head. They talked about his big global business empire, but he’s never managed anything more than a relatively small family firm. Certainly he has worked with general contractors who then hire the subcontractors when he was building structures, which he rarely does any longer and is limited to a licensing deal to put his name on buildings & Resorts. The anticipated benefits in the business this world evidence by the excitement in the stock market has slowed tremendously as it appears clear to everyone he is not very effective at his job, at least not yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope he grows more accustomed to governing and get out of campaign mode and worrying about insignificant, petty fights which was an encouraging part of his speech to the Joint Section of Congress, however, the next day more Russia problems arise from Jeff sessions to, now a third meeting with the Russian ambassador and then the wildly out rages tweets as we’ve come to look for every Saturday morning, where he specifically said President Obama himself ordered wiretapping of Trump’s phones in Trump Tower. Five days later after demands for evidence from Republicans and Democrats alike, nothing forthcoming from this president who has a tendency to bend the truth, lie blatantly and/or simply make things up. These are all very disturbing developments that has most of the United States very, very anxious. That said, to your assertion that liberals do not know what terrorism is, I would invite a conversation between the two of us where I am quite certain we would conclude knowing both of us are well-informed on the subject.
    The first thing that jumped out, and this is not personal because it’s a human tendency that I think we all need to consciously try to avoid, which is painting with such a broad brush. To be certain there are many liberals that fall into the category you’re talking about which is now being called the “Progressive Left.” These are the ones that essentially are a Muslim apologist and, like Mr. Chomsky comes across as Merli an apologist that blames the United States for all of the ills in the world and that terrorism is a function of the proverbial chickens coming home to roost. Obviously, those positions are ridiculous and thankfully make up a minority of democrats, capital liberals or left leaning individuals. As I said, I cautioned those in my echo chamber to stop painting all Trump supporters with such a broad brush because there is no way there are 16 million bigoted, Xena phobic & hateful Americans. Don’t get me wrong, all of the people in that category did vote for Donald Trump and he knew that Wich explained his reluctance to distance himself from folks like David Duke and the endorsements of white supremacists and the like which was smart politically but I’m not sure if the smart political choice is the best choice for the country. As we now see, there are a number of minor but still disturbing vandalism in Jewish cemeteries, I believe at least five mosques have been burned to the ground and just the general over the top bigots that make up a small percentage of his supporters, I just wish he would be more forceful in denouncing these acts or, perhaps better stated, denounce them at all except for in his one very well delivered speech before Congress.
    I have rambled on for too long, my hope was to just explain that I am trying to escape my echo chamber and I challenge everyone I come across no matter their political persuasion to do the same because I think it makes us focus more on being Americans rather than bitterly divided as liberals and conservatives. George Washington in his farewell address was very clear in the morning the United States of the dangers posed by factions or what we now call political parties. His reasoning was the loyalty would shift from the country as a whole to the party one belongs to. And I think that is the largest problem in why we have such a bitterly divided nation. I should add that our politics are now designed to Sandos flames, sadly because they help politicians raise money. And with the Supreme Court decision that gave corporations the same free-speech rights as living, breathing humans followed by Citizens United, which stripped away any limits to campaign contributions. And the disclosure of those contributions in a timely fashion. Therefore, it it “page” to be more of a divisive politician because your fundraising will increase accordingly. Personally, until the dominant influence of big money in American politics is dealt with, no other problem Will be effectively dealt with because our politicians are now beholden to their donors rather then V the People.
    If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. All the best to you in 2017.


    • First, thank you for your opinion, and thank you for visiting. Also, thank you for being open minded both in coming to a site that holds different opinions than you and also understanding that not all conservatives are bigots. It’s much appreciated as being on a conservative college student on a liberal campus, it certainly seems like my fellow conservatives and I are made out to be that way. I’m just thankful that my good friends that are liberal understand that I have a right to my opinion and that it does not make me a bad person.

      I know I didn’t mention this in the original post, but I am aware that there are certainly liberals who understand the threat of terrorism, but sometimes, with the mainstream media and liberal politicians, they seems that they overlook the problem a lot. I apologize for not clarifying that.

      Finally, there are lots I could comment on in your long comment (and I unfortunately do not have the time at the moment to reply to it all), and there are areas that I disagree with you, but I will say that I do agree that we have fallen away from George Washington’s sage advice. If we hadn’t, I think we’d find it easier to respect each other and solve problems. In the end, I may subscribe to what is considered the modern conservative ideology, but I am first proud to be an American and want what is best for this country.

      Again, thanking you for the visit and sharing your opinion. America does have a right to free speech, after all–no matter where you fall in the political spectrum. I wish you the best to you this year as well.

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      • Thanks for the thoughtful response. It gives me hope for the future that we can get past the bitterness. In the Reagan years, of course he had a Democratic Congress but they never disparaged each other or even describe the other’s policy differences the way it’s done today. There was basic respect and decency for each other and that allowed them to work together without fear of being attacked by the extreme wings of their own party & certainly didn’t have to fear being challenged in a primary by one more liberal or conservative than they are. The biggest problem as I see it is the unfettered influence of money on our government.
        I suspect you may like a book called, “Republic Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress – and a Plan to Stop It” by Lawrence Lessig. Initially give me cringe in hearing he was an Obama supporter in 2008, but did not vote for his friend in 2012. It’s a great and completely non-partisan explanation and, as the title suggests, provides several options on how to alleviate the problem. I have a feeling you would enjoy the read & find it enlightening, as I did. Take care, study hard and stay true to your principles. The exchange has been a refreshing pleasure.


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