Nationalism, Globalism, and Our Priorities

I really like this post by the Aussie Conservative. It really brings into perspective the true battle in politics these days–all the rest are subsidiary components. True conservatives in America are more nationalistic in the sense of the ‘America First’ attitude towards things. True liberals, at least as the media shows us, tend to prioritize globalist objectives over our own. Also, this article points out how economic and foreign policy crises most be solved before social crises. I, like many other people, take stances on social issues such as myself being pro-life and against gay marriage. However, I do recognize that it would be a grave mistake to solve those problems before economic and foreign policy ones. If we don’t strengthen our economy and foreign policy, there won’t be a country in which these problems exist. Our country would crumble to dust in one way or another. I think most people can agree that having a strong, thriving country os a good idea. Once our country is united by that, the social issues are easier to solve because there is less distracting from them. Essentially, if we solve social issues first, we wouldn’t have a place to enjoy the resolutions to the problem, however much we wish for one outcome or another.

Anyways, here’s the article. Enjoy, and thanks to the Aussie Conservative for writing this!

The new battleground for conservative politics


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