People are even claiming racial fluidity.

I found the following article on Facebook about the infamous Rachel Dolezal and her attempt to claim to be black even though she was white. One of the things that hit me most was that she claimed that race is fluid (like many liberals claim gender is) and that it is  not biological. I almost wonder if Rachel Dolezal passed biology class. Our skin color is based on our genetics and how much melatonin is in our skin. It is a large part of what makes certain people better under the sun (i.e. I become burnt toast in the sun thanks to my Northern European genes…no sun tanning for me…). You might be able to bleach your skin or something, but you cannot change the genes that gave you your original skin color. But I know that at least for me, I don’t care what color or race you are. There are people in every race with every kind of skill set…race does not determine any of that, at all. What it comes down to though, is that people need to accept their skin color and focus on what they really can control.

Here’s the article. Enjoy!

One thought on “People are even claiming racial fluidity.

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