Put your own country first.

This is a post by the Aussie Conservative. While naturally I think my own country is the greatest (I will admit that it’s my American bias, but it’s only natural for people to have a preference for their own country), I think on the whole, this article points out nicely how it’s not unreasonable to put your own country first in your governmental policies. This article reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my really good Chinese friends. He was excited about Trump’s economic policies and what they’d mean for America and this world, though he, not being white and a foreigner, understandably had some concerns about President Trump’s words and also of course was concerned how it would affect jobs in his country. We agreed on a lot of things, but the point relevant to this post is that we both agreed that being that we were citizens of different countries, we would reasonably want was best for our country. For example, I would want America to stop out-sourcing jobs to China so that there are more jobs for Americans, and he would want us to continue out-sourcing jobs to China so that his fellow Chinese had more jobs. We both just want what would be better our country. In the end, it is my opinion that if your country puts their own interests first (America, of course, in my case), it will benefit all the citizens and other legal residents of your country because they are all a part of that country. Therefore, for example, a true “America First” policy will help all Americans just as a true “Australia First” policy or true “China First” policy will help all Australians or all Chinese respectively.

Anyways, here’s the article! Enjoy, and thanks to the Aussie Conservative for the insight!

Why we should put Australia first

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